Poetry Saturday—Remember Three Things

Remember three things that come not back;
The arrow sent upon its track—
It will not swerve, it will not stay
Its speed; it flies to wound or slay. 

The spoken word, so soon forgot
By thee; but it has perished not;
In other hearts ’tis living still;
And doing work for good or ill.

And the lost opportunity,
That cometh back no more to thee. 
In vain thou weepest, in vain dost yearn. 
Those three will nevermore return. —Arab Proverb

Do Your Own Growing

An Irish Proverb says, “It doesn’t matter how tall your father was, you still have to do your own growing.” In other words, my genes may give me a certain predisposition, but I still have to grow on my own.

The same could be said spiritually: “It doesn’t matter how close to God your parents were, you have to approach Him yourself.”

Abraham was so close to God that he was called “friend of God.” His son Isaac had some great spiritual genes, but he still had to do his own growing.

Isaac had the perfect opportunity shortly after Abraham’s death. He and his wife Rebekah wanted to start a family, but they weren’t able to do so. Then comes this great phrase:

…Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife…

He got it! And God heard his prayer: Rebekah became pregnant with twins.

Rebekah’s parents were also close to God. But now pregnant and far, far away from home, she was having difficulty with her pregnancy. That’s when Rebekah had her chance to do her own spiritual growing,

…Rebekah went to inquire of the Lord…

She got it too!

Not only was this good for them as individuals, but undoubtedly it strengthened their marriage as well. I have found that couples who pray stay.

  • They stay close to God
  • They stay close to each other
  • They stay more committed to their families
  • They stay in a growth pattern

Are you doing your own growing today?

If you’re still riding someone else’s coattails, it’s time to start doing your own growing.

If you’re still blaming a parent for holding you back, it’s time to start doing your own growing.

You can do it—start talking to God yourself today!

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