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I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, Betsy, and to be the proud father of three incredible children, a daughter-in-love, and a son-in-love!

Betsy and I met in 1984 at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK) where she was studying Elementary Education and I was working on two pre-medical degrees: biomedical chemistry and business. My initial plan to was to go to medical school, practice as a doctor, and then move into hospital administration. I felt like there was a real disconnect between practicing doctors (working to save lives) and the administrators (working to save dollars). In preparation for my future, I began to work at an urgent care center in Farmington, MI. I met some excellent doctors there, and received invaluable training. I had an opportunity to learn how to take x-rays, draw blood, use my lab training to run simple diagnostic tests, assist the doctors in medical procedures, and learn about the bedside manner a physician needs to have. I also learned the behind-the-scenes stuff: how to bill an insurance company, how to protect yourself from a lawsuit, and the like. It was this behind-the-scenes stuff which began to lead me in a different direction. I loved working with patients, but I could not stand the politics and the red-tape. So I began to focus on my business training.

I worked for a financial services company in the Detroit area for a couple of years, and then I joined my parents in Grand Rapids, MI, in a family-run business called Office Concepts. This business originally was a secretarial services company which also offered some limited telephone answering services. As time went on we began to specialize in the telecommunications services, particularly voice mail. We developed a unique service that allowed us to tailor-fit voice mail services to any sized business in any location, without requiring them to make any telephone hardware changes. God blessed our efforts and we expanded from Grand Rapids throughout much of the lower peninsula of Michigan. The success in business freed me up to be involved in other areas, and I especially gravitated toward non-profit, church-related, and para-church organizations. Back to my pre-med training, I was drawn toward organizations that helped people at their point of desperate need.

In 2001 the Michigan District of the Assemblies of God asked me to pray about coming to the District office to oversee their two campgrounds: Fa-Ho-Lo Camp and Conference Center (Grass Lake, MI) and Lost Valley Bible Camp (Gaylord, MI). This required us to move away from Grand Rapids, where we had lived for 10 years, in order to be closer to these campgrounds. For the next three years we developed some incredible leadership teams which, in turn, took our campgrounds to incredible heights. One of my greatest thrills was investing in our team members and seeing them soar! While running the camps we moved to Whitmore Lake, MI, and began attending Brighton Assembly of God. In addition to my camp responsibilities, I began to take on ministry assignments at Brighton A/G, until eventually Pastor Brad Trask asked me to pray about coming on staff full-time as the Campus Pastor. After about a year of prayer regarding this move, we did so.

For three years I worked at Brighton A/G, and I began to feel God drawing us more and more to this ministry of working with people in more depth. As Betsy and I prayed about this more, we felt God calling us to serve as lead pastor for a congregation. I am grateful for the experiences and training God has allowed me to have, as all of them have prepared me for where He has ultimately placed me: Calvary Assembly of God in Cedar Springs, MI.

Please get in touch with me. You can email me, and I’m also on Twitter and Tumblr.

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  1. Kelly Mosher Says:

    When I first pulled up this bio, I looked at photo and immediately shot down to the comment box to gush over this picture!! Decided the gushing could wait 90 seconds until I actually read the bio.
    So…this picture & pose is uber precious – hope you get matts & glossies of this shot to share, seriously very nice and dibs on a big one.

    I’d forgotten all the great ‘vocational’ experiences you’ve had. Isn’t it neat how all our seasons and stations are useful? As one your former Fa-Ho-Lo team, I can say I’m not a bit surprised that God has already placed you at the helm of a church and for a while already. I admire one or two things about you, akhem, but sincerity is supreme in my book. When a leader desires God’s very best for people and is willing to work with them to succeed… SWEET. It can’t be faked and is so important in this world full of hurt and distracted people. I am very honored to call you and Betsy friends.



  2. craigtowens Says:

    Kelly, you are such a special friend and always so kind! How blessed we are that God allowed our paths to cross… and to stay crossed, for that matter! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


  3. Denise VanDerKolk Says:

    And if you want Craig’s “About Me” story for ages 5-18, feel free to contact me: the Sister! (I’ll probably need to charge money for those.)

    Seriously, Craig was – and is – the best brother anyone could ask for!!!


  4. Thomas C Johnston Says:

    Craig is one of the best leaders and men I know, I’m blessed to have him as a friend. God knew that I needed a man with strong leadership skills to help mold me and shape me. Thanks Craig for investing in my life!
    Love ya


  5. Mary Says:

    My husband and I attended church with Craig and Betsy in Grand Rapids , and are so proud of the Godly couple that have grown in the Masters shadow. Craig and Betsy are true friends to anyone who needs a friend


  6. Steve Says:

    Craig and Betsy,
    I want to thank the two of you for your tireless desire to advise and mentor Keri and I. You guys have been wonderful friends and we have been greatly blessed because of both of you. We pray for you daily.


  7. barney Says:

    Craig in the short time I have known you , you have become a very close friend of mine. You are a very good pastor,leader,adviser, and all round good person. God has blessed me to know you. I will proudly stand with you in any situation that arises.


  8. Darlene Betzer Says:

    Fascinating reading, friend. Your faithfulness to care for our mutual Narnia family is the path on which we met.



  9. Suzanne Simpson Says:

    Craig, your blogging was one part of the inspiration for me to start my own blog. Thanks friend.


  10. anthony adams Says:

    Pastor Craig and Betsy, I feel bleesed to be able communicate with you after this time. i would like you to know that i’am doing good, and I pray that you and your family are also good. I truly appriciate what you have done for me and my beloved Aunt Betty. Oh how I miss her and think about her each and every day. My sister and I thank you so very much. Merry Christmas and god bless you and yours. Anthony


  11. Dilip Says:

    Thank you my friend for your encouraging blogs and book reviews! I am amazed at how much you read! Pastor Craig you’re an excellent man of God! Miss you and your family!


  12. Aaron Says:

    I too was a fellow faholonite along with Ms. Kelly Mosher under the fine leadership of my dear friend, Craig Owens. It only took Craig a mere 7 years of unwavering witness of Christ love for me to accept Jesus as my savior. Undying love from a savior passed on by a true witness of God’s love, patience and kindness. You have a special place in my heart (deep within~and not many get there) and it blesses me to know that Jesus will place a jewel in your crown as a reward for sharing the greatest of all gifts to a man like me. Glory to my God for His great and loving mercy. Thank you for sharing a part of your life and I look forward to the many years of friendship to come. Aaron


  13. Nancy Albao Says:

    I happened to come across your website when I was searching for a poem. You had posted it. Its by E. m. Winter. It starts I do not ask that He must prove His word is true to me.
    Could you please tell me where you found that?
    Thank you so much.


    • Craig T. Owens Says:

      Nancy, I wish I could tell you where exactly I came across that poem. But I read so extensively and so widely, I cannot recall what I was reading when I found that one. Sorry.


    • Dana L Veach Says:

      Nancy…If you are still looking for this poem, I found a posting that says that it is “Quoted from Streams in the Desert – August 31st” (This devotional, written by L.B Cowman, was first published in 1925.)
      “I do not ask that He must prove
      His Word is true to me,
      And that before I can believe
      He first must let me see.
      It is enough for me to know
      It’s true because he says it’s so;
      On His unchanging Word I’ll stand
      And Trust, till I can understand.

      Hope this is helpful.

      Liked by 1 person

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