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Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter is now available!

This book will set you free! Far too many churches and non-profit organizations have felt unsuccessful simply because they are using the wrong metrics, but this book takes us back to the freeing basics that Jesus taught us.

The print version and Audible (audiobook) version is available here

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I am beyond thrilled that Shepherd Leadership is being used to train pastors in India! Thank You, Jesus❣️

I am always thrilled to see how my book has helped others!

Jesus demonstrated the wholly healthiness that every leader should aspire to. The amazing thing about Jesus was not just His actions, but His reactions. 

In “Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter,” I wrote:

“If you see or hear something from yourself that is not reflective of our Chief Shepherd, it’s how you handle your next response that reveals how close you are getting to the pinnacle of health that Jesus demonstrated for us.” 

What are your reactions telling you about your leadership health? 

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In the studio recording the audiobook version of Shepherd Leadership with my good friend Kevin Richards.

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