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10 Quotes From “You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader”

You Don't Need A Title To Be A LeaderMark Sanborn has given us a wonderful book to help people be more well-rounded in their leadership, whether they have a title or not. You can read my full book review by clicking here. These are some of the quotes from this book that caught my eye.

“Leaders, untitled or otherwise, realize the extraordinary impact they can have on others and the world around them. They consciously choose to exercise their abilities, skills, and knowledge to help make a difference.”

“The reality is that we all work ‘backstage’ in our lives at times. Real leaders bring the same commitment to excellence to whatever they do, whether on the stage or behind it.”

“I began to see what happened to me as an opportunity rather than an obligation. And it made all the difference. Now when the phone rings, I respond to each call as an opportunity to serve, earn, learn, influence, network, encourage, or teach. The difference isn’t in the caller or the purpose for the call; the difference is in my response. …Genuine, authentic leadership infuses meaning into your life, because you know that your efforts count and that you are serving the needs of others as well as your own.”

“I think of the ‘self-mastery index’ as the ratio between promises made and promises kept—both to oneself and to others. If your mouth keeps making promises that you can’t keep, there is a great deal of room for improvement. Integrity, after all, is measured by the distance between your lips and your life. If you want to be a leader in your own life and in the lives of others, you’ve got to follow through on your own promises, whether you have a title or not.”

“You don’t necessarily have to be smarter or better educated to succeed. Your power lies in your ability to focus on doing what is important. If you focus on the right things, and work at them often, you will achieve exceptional results.”

“People do things for their own reasons, not for yours. To be an effective leader, you need to know how to motivate others.”

“One of the greatest compliments you can be paid as a leader is to have someone say that you helped them be better than they thought they could be.”

“People remember stories. Stories are the coat pegs of the mind. They are where people hang their ideas. Once they have a memorable story to help them remember, they can recall whatever important moral or point you have to make. …Telling an entertaining story is important, but being the story is better.”

“When something doesn’t happen, there is always an explanation. But never accept an explanation as an excuse. …Instead, use explanations to figure out what happened, then look for the lesson that will prevent that something from happening again.”

“Everyone makes a difference. The choice we all have is whether we want to make positive difference or a negative one.”

You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader (book review)

You Don't Need A Title To Be A LeaderFar too many people confuse a title with “arriving” at a place of leadership. In Mark Sanborn’s book You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader, he not only shows the fallacy of this, but also shows that anyone, anywhere can lead, even if they are untitled.

Mark Sanborn is an excellent storyteller. He uses this skill to make his points about leading from any place in an organization, instead of writing a point-by-point academic outline of how to lead where you are. Mark uses stories from his own life, and from other friends and colleagues to show us that (as the subtitle of the book says) anyone, anywhere can make a positive difference.

Because this book contains several quotes and anecdotes, many left-brained folks will find it “fluffy.” But don’t be fooled by the power of a good story! Mark correctly shares how impacting telling stories is, but he says it’s even more effective to live your story. In other words, be the leadership story that others will follow. Leadership is not left-brained nor right-brained, but it is whole-brained, and this book will help awaken the creative side which far too many leaders leave dormant.

For anyone who wants to grow as a leader, this is a great book to add to your library.

I am a Random House book reviewer.

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