Smith Wigglesworth On Healing (book review)

Wigglesworth HealingWhenever I read Smith Wigglesworth’s sermons, my faith is challenged to reach farther than it’s ever reached before! In this collection of messages entitled Smith Wigglesworth On Healing, once again I found myself wanting so much more of God!

Wigglesworth didn’t write his books, he preached them. This plumber-turned-preacher was one of the most faith-filled dynamos I’ve ever heard from. On page after page he confronted me with how much more there is to experience in my relationship with God, and then backed it up with his own personal experiences. In this particular book, the focus is on people who were physically healed (including Wigglesworth himself) from diseases which perplexed doctors. Time and again I found myself saying, “Yes! I want to see this today!”

If you want to give your faith a boost to believe God for miracles, I can think of no better preacher to read than Smith Wigglesworth.

2 Responses to “Smith Wigglesworth On Healing (book review)”

  1. grmgreenroom Says:

    Smith Wigglesworth is easy to quote. “Only Believe” is what he was famous for. I was encouraged to see this book report on your blog Pastor Owens.The prayer for faith shall save the sick; because of what Jesus did on the cross.


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