The Five Levels Of Leadership (book review)

5 Levels of LeadershipI was introduced to the wisdom and leadership genius of John C. Maxwell when I stepped into my first real leadership position. In some of the earliest Maxwell books I devoured, he talk briefly about the five levels of leadership. Now in The Five Levels Of Leadership Dr. Maxwell has given us the in-depth training to these invaluable lessons in growing as a leader.

Leadership is an upward climb. But it’s not just about gaining skills, adding accomplishments to a resume, or even getting a bigger office. True leadership is about investing in more people more deeply. That’s what this book helps leaders do.

People who are content with merely a title, or a new bullet point on their resume, will hate this book because right from the outset Dr. Maxwell bluntly points out the short-sightedness of that pursuit. Instead, the title is just the invitation to Level 1, and the start of a journey that focuses on doing the best good for the most people possible.

For those who have read other Maxwell leadership books, you will hear the echoes of those books woven through these pages. In reality, all of the leadership principles Maxwell has written about—from developing yourself, to building a team, to planning for the future, to communicating with greater clarity—are all built into Levels 1 through 5 of this book.

I appreciated the assessment at the beginning of the book to give me an idea of which Level was going to require my greatest attention. Likewise, the list of needed qualities at the end of each Level’s teaching gave me a handy “To Do” list for my leadership growth plans.

For anyone in any type of leadership position, this book deserves your full attention.

One Response to “The Five Levels Of Leadership (book review)”

  1. cranstonholden Says:

    Found out very quickly what a positional leader was. Look at my page under “Strong Personalities”


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