The Highest Good (book review)

The Highest GoodThe Highest Good is a collection of three books by Oswald Chambers: The Highest Good, The Pilgrim’s Song Book, and Thy Great Redemption

The Pilgrim’s Song Book is made up of Chambers’ commentary and insight on the ascension psalms (Psalms 120-128). This is an encouraging study that leads the reader higher and higher into God’s presence, just as the pilgrims climbed the roads to the heights of Jerusalem for the annual worship feasts. 

In The Highest Good portion of this collection, I felt like having arrived in “Jerusalem,” I was now receiving a series of thoughtful teachings on Christian ethics which were preparing me for my descent back into my every-day life. 

Finally in Thy Great Redemption I am getting ongoing refresher courses on the reality that the redemption of Jesus Christ should make in my life. As Chambers said, “Everything that has been touched by sin and the devil has been redeemed; we are to live in the world immovably banked on that faith.” 

As always, the insight of Oswald Chambers is like a graduate level class in theology, philosophy, and ethics. Very few authors expand my biblical paradigm and challenge me to go deeper into God’s Word, so I always highly recommend any Chambers book on which you can get your hands. 

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