The Secrets Of Intercessory Prayer (book review)

The Secrets of Intercessory PrayerI have always appreciated Jack Hayford’s heart of compassion. No matter the topic he is addressing, I always feel like his words are soaked in God’s love. In The Secrets Of Intercessory Prayer, Pastor Hayford lovingly addresses a topic that weighs heavily on so many people’s hearts: the eternal destination of our family members.

As a pastor myself, one of the most frequently requested prayer need people share with me is the salvation of their loved ones. It can be so gut-wrenching to feel like someone you love is on a path toward destruction, and seemingly all of your efforts to get them off that path are ineffective. The subtitle of this book is Unleashing God’s Power In The Lives Of Those You Love. What a powerful thought!

I, too, have family members for which I pray on a daily basis, and I found this book to be so encouraging and invigorating. Not only did Pastor Hayford help me see what my prayers are accomplishing in the lives of my loved ones, but his challenging words reengaged me to pray with even greater purpose and intensity.

This book is not so much a how to pray book as it is a why to pray book. If your heart is burdened to pray for your children, grandchildren, parents, or other loved ones, I am confident that The Secrets Of Intercessory Prayer will reignite your prayers and refuel your faith.

I am a Chosen Books book reviewer.

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