Decision Points (book review)

Decision PointsOne of my life goals is to read an (auto)biography of every U.S. President. I’m well on my way. My latest one is Decision Points by President George W. Bush.

This book is laid out in a rather intriguing way. Instead of being told chronologically, it’s told through the prism of the major decisions President Bush faced. Written in this style, we are able to stick with one situation from inception, to decision, to the management of that decision. Now that we are 10+ years down the road from some of these decisions, we get to see the wisdom or folly of those decisions.

The book is a great inside look into the weighty decisions that land on a president’s desk throughout his term in office. As a Christian who has a biblical command to pray for my elected officials, it’s a helpful guide for my daily prayers.

I throughly enjoyed reading Decisions Points, and I think other students of history will appreciate the thoughtful way this book is presented too.

3 Responses to “Decision Points (book review)”

  1. earthstonestation Says:

    Not sure how many presidents you have gotten through but a worthy endeavor. I myself have spent many hours doing the same. Gen. U.S. Grant gives some good perspective as well as Andy Jackson and Grover Cleveland may give some inspiration. Enjoy learning.


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