Visioneering (book review)

VisioneeringWhat a great word! Visioneering: A blueprint for developing and maintaing personal vision by Andy Stanley is how God want to use you to help engineer the vision He has birthed in you.

Andy Stanley is an author that I thoroughly enjoy reading. His wisdom is profoundly practical, which means he uncovers things I never would have seen, but does it in a way that I can immediately apply. Visioneering uses the story of Nehemiah in the Bible as the template to guide us through the steps necessary to see a God-breathed vision become a reality.

Andy uncovers in the life of Nehemiah the things that are universal to anyone who has a burning desire to see things around them taken to a higher level. Things like: second-guessing whether God actually spoke that particular vision, the first steps to take, how to handle criticism, pulling together a team to work together on fulfilling the vision, handling setbacks, keeping all of the team members aligned behind the vision, and what the ultimate purpose of a God-given vision really is.

Each chapter concludes with some thought-provoking questions, and a place to record your answers to those questions. These guides help put “feet” to the concepts shared in each chapter.

After reading Visioneering you will be more energized and equipped to do the great things God is calling you to do.

I am a Multnomah book reviewer.

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