The Power Of Laughter

“Laughter increases the number and activity of some white blood cells called ‘T’ and ‘B’ cells, natural killers that fight viral infections and some types of cancer cells. It multiplies the antibody IgA, which fights upper respiratory tract infections. A hearty chuckle builds up gamma interferon, which stimulates the various components of the immune system.

“Laughing speeds up our heart rate, and some have likened this to ‘internal jogging.’ It’s an aerobic activity that works the diaphragm and increases the body’s ability to use oxygen. That’s why after a big laugh you often feel the need to sigh and take a big breath of air. It sure beats thirty minutes on the treadmill.

“As we laughed, our blood pressure temporarily is elevated; however, that is followed by a prolonged, mild decrease in blood pressure. Laughter also lowers various hormone levels—the kind associated with the fight-or-flight response—and makes us feel less stressed, more relaxed. That’s why people say things like ‘I laughed so hard I couldn’t get up’ or ‘I laughed so hard I fell over.’

“Science is figuring out that laughter is good for the body, something the Bible told us long ago—Proverbs 15:30; Proverbs 17:22.” —Lynn Eib, in Peace In The Face Of Cancer

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Chillin’ With My iPhone

Yesterday I wrote about some of the work apps I use a lot on my iPhone. But as any iPhone user will tell you, “all work and no play makes the iPhone a very dull thing” (or something like that!). So here are some of my favorite just-for-fun apps.

  • Facebook – I love the instance access to all of my friends’ status updates, pictures, and breaking news.


  • AroundMe – this is a wonderful app for finding anything close by. The GPS in the iPhone identifies my location, then at a touch of a button I can find the closest coffee shop, bank, gas station, restaurant or grocery store.


  • iheartradio – Clear Channel media owns a bazillion radio stations around the country, and this app helps me find them immediately. I can search for a format or even a station in a particular city. I have saved some of my favorite stations that I can return to quickly. One drawback, you cannot stream the music in Safari, so I cannot listen to music and surf the web at the same time.


  • ESPN Radio & WAY-FM – two more radio apps. The first lets me tune into the live ESPN radio stream, or catch up on an interview I may have missed earlier in the day. WAY-FM is one of my favorite stations for contemporary Christian music. Two really cool things about this app: (1) I can steam it in Safari which allows me to listen and work with another app simultaneously, and (2) if I’m listening to a song I really like, I can touch the “Buy song” button an immediately I’m connected to that song on iTunes.

Please share any just-for-fun apps that you really enjoy.

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