Religious Boredom

“Those Christians who belong to the evangelical wing of the church (which I firmly believe is the only one that even approximates New Testament Christianity) have over the last half-century shown an increasing impatience with things invisible and eternal and have demanded and got a host of things visible and temporal to satisfy their fleshly appetites. Without Biblical authority, or any other right under the sun, carnal religious leaders have introduced a host of attractions that serve no purpose except to provide entertainment for the retarded saints.

“It is now common practice in most evangelical churches to offer the people, especially the young people, a maximum of entertainment and a minimum of serious instruction. It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God. One can only conclude that God’s professed children are bored with Him, for they must be wooed to meeting with a stick of striped candy in the form of religious movies, games and refreshments. …

“Any objection to the carryings on of our present golden-calf Christianity is met with the triumphant reply, ‘But we are winning them!’ And winning them to what? To true discipleship? To cross-carrying? To self-denial? To separation from the world? To crucifixion of the flesh? To holy living? To nobility of character? To a despising of the world’s treasures? To hard self-discipline? To love for God? To total committal to Christ? Of course the answer to all these questions is no.

“We are paying a frightful price for our religious boredom. And that at the moment of the world’s mortal peril.”

—A.W. Tozer, in Man—The Dwelling Place Of God

Oh, So That’s How It Works

Sometimes we make connecting with God way too complicated. If I’m reading my Bible accurately, I think He just wants us to approach Him in the way we are naturally wired to connect. Not every husband interacts with his wife the same way, nor every wife with her husband. We connect with different friends in different ways. But somehow we in the church have come up with a set of “rules” about the right way we should be worshipping God.

So here’s a fun and “informative” video on the rules of worship.


Windshield Time

I’ve got to put in a lot of time on the road over the next few weeks. I’m already using iTunes for several podcasts that I enjoy, and I’ve got a couple of audiobooks too. But I would like your help.

What are you listening to that I should check out? Audiobooks? Music? Sermons? Podcasts? Share some good stuff with me so I can use my windshield time more profitably.


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