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Some good reading & watching from today…

Stephen Miller reminds us that we don’t have to act differently when we pray: Be Yourself In Prayer.

Ken Davis is always hilarious. Check out The Confused Stage Of Life.

The American College of Pediatrics debunks the myth of “safe sex.”

Tim Dilena nails it: Why Worship Is Disappearing From Our Church Services.

“Christians have fallen into the habit of accepting the noisiest and most notorious among them as the best and the greatest. They too have learned to equate popularity with excellence, and in open defiance of the Sermon on the Mount they have given their approval not to the meek but to the self-assertive; not to the mourner but to the self-assured; not to the pure in heart who see God but to the publicity hunter who seeks headlines.” —A.W. Tozer

Parents and teachers, check out Tim Elmore’s post: How To Avoid Ruining A Kid’s Future.

As the Heritage Foundation’s Katrina Trinko says, “This isn’t okay”: States that voted against gay “marriage” now have it forced upon them.

Transforming Grace (book review)

Transforming GraceWhen many people think of God’s grace, the most appropriate adjective they offer is amazing. I totally agree! And when I think of Jerry Bridges’ book Transforming Grace, the word amazing quickly comes to my mind again.

Truly this is one of the best books I have read addressing the topic of God’s grace. Bridges doesn’t range far and wide, but sticks to this one topic: when we truly begin to understand God’s grace, it will absolutely transform our lives.

Early in the book Bridges states the problematic paradigm many of us have about God’s grace—

“My observation of Christendom is that most of us tend to base our personal relationship with God on our performance instead of on His grace. If we’ve performed well—whatever ‘well’ is in our opinion—then we expect God to bless us. If we haven’t done so well, our expectations are reduced accordingly. In this sense, we live by works rather than by grace. We are saved by grace, but we are living by the ‘sweat’ of our own performance.” (emphasis added)

This book is jam-packed with so many paradigm-shifting thoughts, and is well grounded in the Scripture. Bridges transparently shares his own personal struggles with coming to grips with the true nature of God’s grace, and shares the quotes of many notable theologians as well. I loved this book!

If you want to live with a deeper understanding of how God’s grace can transform your life, I couldn’t recommend this book any more highly … this is a must read!

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