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“How much foolish talking and jesting would at once end if we said, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place.’ … Let your recreation be free from sin; let your amusements be such that you can enjoy them while God looks on. If, too, we felt that God was in this place, how much oftener should we talk of Him and of Christ.” —Charles Spurgeon

“David celebrates God as the sovereign, ‘with-us’ God Who is absolutely for His people and determined to do them good. He is Father to the fatherless, Defender of widows, the One Who gives homes to the homeless and release to captives (Psalm 68:5-6). He gives them gifts, blessings, and salvation (vv. 18-20), and He calls them into His presence to celebrate His magnificence in worship (vv. 24-28). He gives strength for His people to do all His bidding (v. 28) and to know Him in His glory in the heavens (v. 33). Over His people Israel, God is strong, excellent, awesome, and powerful.” —T.M. Moore (emphasis added)

Fast Company published an article from Dr. Tim Elmore on how to bridge the gap between potential and performance. As always, his stuff is spot-on!

“Kids are getting turned on by watching video, but physiologically they are less aroused. We call it P.I.E.D.—Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.” —Dr. Philip Zimbardo. Check out this really fast-moving TEDx talk Dr. Zimbardo gave…

Is It Okay To Question The Bible?

DoubtGod is not intimidated by your questions. In fact, if you look in the Bible itself, you will see lots and lots of question marks: questions asked by God, and questions asked of God. So go ahead and question!

And check out this great video from the Impact 360 Institute…

Brain-Savvy Leaders (book review)

Brain-Savvy LeadersThe human brain is an amazingly complex invention that only Someone like the Creator God could have designed! The brain plays a huge part in our day-to-day interactions with other people, so Charles Stone has given us a great resource in Brain-Savvy Leaders: The Science of Significant Ministry.

In the introduction, Charles explains the purpose of this book: “By intersecting biblical insights with insights about the brain, we can develop new learnings and language to help us become better leaders, like actually listening to a board member disagree with you rather than becoming defensive and cutting him or her off.”

Charles Stone brings a unique combination of mechanical engineering, pastoral studies, and his own family’s personal journey with a daughter going through multiple brain surgeries. This diverse background was very readable for me, as I believe it will be for anyone who believes that the Creator of the brain is the best One to describe its operational aspects.

Because we learn best using both our logical (left) brain and our creative (right) brain, Charles presents all of his concepts with logical words, descriptive pictures, and memorable acronyms for each of the main sections. Charles presents the technical information in a way that a non-medical layman can comprehend, and in a way that will be easy to apply in both your personal and corporate roles.

Although the book has “leaders” in its title, Brain-Savvy Leaders is a good read for anyone who would like to step up their interpersonal skills.

I am an Abingdon Press reviewer.

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