Favorite 2016 Posts

The Porn CircuitThese are the Top 10 posts that were published on my blog in 2016…

1. Break Free From Porn

2. 7 Must-Have Bible Study Tools

3. 9 Quotes From â€śThe Porn Circuit”

4. 7 Quotes From â€śThe Beauty Of Intolerance”

5. 10 Quotes From â€ś#struggles”

6. Theism Or Christianity?

7. Notes From The Global Leadership Summit

8. 4 Practical Prayer Tips From Jesus

9. The Porn Circuit (book review)

10. 9 Quotes From â€śChase The Lion”

Sometimes You WinAnd these are the posts with â€śstaying power.” These posts received the most views in 2016, even though they were published in an earlier year…

1.  21 Quotes From â€śSometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” [originally posted October 22, 2013]

2.  17 Quotes From â€śSmith Wigglesworth On Prayer, Power & Miracles” [January 15, 2014]

3.  14 Quotes From â€śSmith Wigglesworth On Healing” [May 7, 2013]

4.  11 Quotes From Vujicic in â€śStand Strong” [July 23, 2014]

5.  22 Quotes From â€śThe Ragamuffin Gospel” [July 17, 2013]

6.  15 Quotes From â€śMansfield’s Book Of Manly Men” [January 11, 2014]

7.  10 Quotes From “You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader” [March 19, 2013]

8. 13 Quotes From â€śGod’s Pursuit Of Man” [September 13, 2014]

9. 23 Quotes From â€śThe 5 Levels Of Leadership” [March 28, 2013]

10.  10 Quotes From “The Necessity Of An Enemy” [July 13, 2012]

Poetry Saturday—Prologue

the-empire-striketh-backO, ’tis for the Rebellion a dark time.
For those they have the death Star all destroy’d,
Imperi’l troops did from the ashes climb
And push the rebels closer to the void.
Across the galaxy pursu’d with speed,
The rebels flee th’Imperi’l Starfleet vast.
A group with Luke Skywalker in the lead
Hath to the ice world known as Hoth flown fast.
Meanwhile, the cruel Darth Vader is obsess’d
With finding young Skywalker. Thus he hath
Through ev’ry point of space begun his quest
By sending robot probes to aid his wrath.
In time so long ago begins our play,
In war-torn galaxy far, far away. —Ian Doescher

For Christmas I received the innovative The Empire Striketh Back—Star Wars Part The Fifth by Ian Doescher, in which the entire movie is retold as William Shakespeare would have told it. For both Star Wars and Shakespeare aficionados, a delightful read!

It’s fun to read the Lucas version and the Doescher version of the Prologue side-by-side, so check out the film version here…

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