Poetry Saturday—Christmas Once Is Christmas Still

christmas-stockings-and-treeThe silent stars are full of speech
    For who hath ears to hear;
The winds are whispering each to each,
    The moon is calling to the beach,
And stars their sacred lessons teach
    Of Faith, and Love, and Fear.

But once the sky its silence broke,
    And song o’erflowed the earth,
The midnight air with glory shook,
    And Angels mortal language spoke,
When God our human nature took,
    In Christ the Savior’s birth.

And Christmas once is Christmas still;
    The gates through which He came,
And forest wild and murmuring rill,
    And fruitful field and breezy hill,
And all that else the wide world fill
    Are vocal with His name.

Shall we not listen while they sing
    This latest Christmas morn,
And music hear in everything,
    And faithful lives in tribute bring
To the great song which greets the King
    Who comes when Christ is born? —Phillips Brooks
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