The Height Of Arrogance

Warning: this post may step on your toes.

We have to find out God’s methods, not try to get God to approve our methods. (Oswald Chambers)

Pastor, are you telling God what your church is going to do, and then asking God to bless your efforts?

Sadly, many churches innocently slide into this mode. But watch out: this is the height of arrogance!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you know how to reach your community, or organize your church, or even accurately select your next sermon. You can’t do it!

But God can!

He knows your community and your church better than you do. So try a better approach by starting with humility.

Don’t tell God what you’re going to do and then ask Him to bless your plans. Instead ask God what He is already blessing, and then go do that.

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