Podcast: Efficient Quantity Needs Effective Quality

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On this episode of “The Craig And Greg Show” we talk about: 

  • [0:20] Quality vs. Quantity is a struggle all leaders have to address 
  • [0:55] Quantity is easier to measure, which is why leaders tend to lean this way
  • [1:45] I share a funny story about working with a church board
  • [2:53] Leadership is about quality—how do leaders focus on this?
  • [3:33] I share an insightful story from the Chick-fil-A boardroom
  • [4:21] Greg talks about his leadership struggle with silos
  • [5:27] I share a story from my book Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter
  • [6:30] Efficiency and effectiveness don’t have to compete with each other
  • [7:11] Quality is never an accident
  • [7:50] Greg shares a helpful list of three items, but to stay on track you can only pick 2-of-the-3
  • [8:45] What distracts us from pursuing quality?
  • [10:00] Both quality and quantity have their places, but the leader needs to determine which one takes the priority
  • [10:47] Greg shares a comical conclusion he made after overhearing a break room conversation
  • [12:27] Why do leaders find security in “more”?
  • [13:55] There is one key place where quantity should probably come first
  • [14:48] Numbers are easy to use to measure quantity, but quality is much harder to measure
  • [16:38] An important lesson for leaders
  • [18:14] A leader’s words need to be more qualitative than quantitative
  • [19:15] Our coaching huddle clients get both quantity and quality

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Simple Truths Of Leadership (book review)

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Kenneth Blanchard cranks out the leadership books! What I love about his writing style is how he makes his leadership principles so accessible in just a few words. Most of his books contain an overarching concept that’s easy to grasp and immediately applicable. But Simple Truths Of Leadership, which he co-wrote with Randy Conely, is a slight departure from this predictable style. 

Simple Truths—as its title implies—still presents easy-to-grasp principles, but this book has a different feel to it. I think the best way I can describe this book is as an index to Blanchard’s earlier leadership books. 

The overall emphasis of this book is servant leadership, with all of these simple truths being presented to us in 52 snippets. Each snippet gives the reader more than enough information to get to work, but then there is a reference given to a book previously written or co-written by Kenneth Blanchard to allow for a deeper study of that principle. This is why the overall feel of this book is as an index to the other books. 

Whether you’ve read Kenneth Blanchard’s leadership books before, or if this is your first time picking up something he’s written, Simple Truths is a great book to add to your leadership library. 

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