The Blood Of The Cross (book review)

The Blood Of The CrossI have been a Christian for a long time, and over the course of my life I have heard countless sermons about the crucifixion and about the work that Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross. But I don’t think that I’ve ever pondered this subject as deeply or as closely as Horatius Bonar does in his book The Blood Of The Cross.

Rev. Bonar starts with the mindset of the Jews who demanded that Pilate crucify Christ, to show how the same attitude exists in all of us who are separated from Jesus. He then tells us why God the Father has a controversy with a guilty world, and what He thinks of the blood His Son shed on the Cross. Then the remainder of the book goes deep into trying to somehow measure the inestimable value that is associated with Christ’s shed blood.

In a phrase this book is eye-opening, heart-searching, and paradigm-challenging for the one who has never acknowledged Christ as his own Savior, all the way through to the one who has called Jesus Savior for years and years and years.

Especially during this Lent season as we prepare our hearts and thoughts to celebrate Christ’s Passion, this is a great book to ponder.

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  4. Kathleen Stey Says:

    Hello, Greetings from Australia. Have you come across a book by Andrew Murray with the same title?
    I am having difficulty finding it for purchase. Many thanks & God bless, Kathleen Stey


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