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For my pastor friends: “A growing church is a work of God. We, His servants, matter only to the extent that we are faithful in our callings.” —T.M. Moore

“Maintaining doctrinal purity is good but it is not the whole picture for a New Testament church. The apostles wanted to do much more than simply ‘hold the fort,’ as the old gospel song says. They asked God to empower them to move out and impact an entire culture.” Read more from Jim Cymbala’s post His Hand Of Love.

“Read whatever chapter of Scripture you will, and be ever so delighted with it—yet it will leave you as poor, as empty and unchanged as it found you unless it has turned you wholly and solely to the Spirit of God, and brought you into full union with and dependence upon Him.” —William Law

Pastor Chilly Chilton has an important reminder: Being Mean Is MEAN.

If you are fasting during Lent, or if you simply fast on a regular basis, this post is helpful: Kingdom Fast: Caffeine.

Very helpful: Want To Get Your Dream Job? Do These 4 Things.

Ever been here? How To Pray When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Thoughtful words from Seth Godin: Kicking And Screaming (vs. singing and dancing).

Funny, but true, from Truth Facts

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E.B. Pusey On Prayer

Edward PuseySome great quotes from Edward B. Pusey on prayer―

“Let us not seek out of You what we can only find in You, O Lord.” —E.B. Pusey

“God’s chief gift to those who seek Him is Himself.” —E.B. Pusey

“Sweet is it that our hope should rest in Him who is ever shaken: should abide in Him who never changeth; should bind us to Him who can hold us fast to Himself, Who alone is the full contentment of the soul; should, as it were, enter into Him; since ‘in Him is our being,’ Who is love.” —E.B. Pusey

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