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“A spirit of thankfulness is so at odds with a spirit of coarse jesting that when one rises, the other falls [Ephesians 5:4]. And a spirit that yearns to edify is so at odds with foul talk that when one rises, the other falls [Ephesians 4:29].” —John Piper
“Love for others is the overflow of God-given security for the good of others. It signifies that we have the resources to care about others because God cares for us.” —John Piper


British prime minister David Cameron said recently that “our religion is now the most persecuted religion around the world.” Read this post about The War On Christians.

The Assemblies of God has now shown membership growth for 24 consecutive years, and its attendance grew more in 2013 than the US population did! Check out these God-glorifying stats.

“Let anger be guarded against. If it cannot, however, be averted, let it be kept within bounds. For indignation is a terrible incentive to sin. It disorders the mind to such an extent as to leave no room for reason. The first thing, therefore, to aim at, if possible, is to make tranquility of character our natural disposition by constant practice, by desire for better things, by fixed determination.” —Ambrose of Milan

“There is no true comfort for anyone on this earth except that of the Holy Spirit. This is why you need Him abiding in you. He alone can lay you down at night, as in a warm bed, and fill your heart with perfect peace. He alone can truly comfort you in times of pain and sorrow. He is the one who will assure you, ‘This comfort is not just temporary—it is eternal!’” —David Wilkerson

Guess what? Being popular in high school may hurt you in the long run.

Surprise (or not)! The biggest tax delinquents are US government employees.

Worship Where You Are

Worship everywhereO God, we meditate on Your unfailing love as we worship in Your Temple. (Psalm 48:9)

“We can go to church and worship. But if we go to church and worship one day, it is not true worship unless it is followed by continuing worship in the days that follow.” (A.W. Tozer)

It’s easy to say, “O God, I worship You in church on Sunday,” but can I also say…

…I worship You in my office on Monday.

…I worship You in my basketball game on Tuesday.

…I worship You in my commute on Wednesday.

…I worship You in my dinner preparations on Thursday.

…I worship You in my house cleaning on Friday.

…I worship You in my golf game on Saturday.

Worship means making sure what I’m doing is pleasing to God, and glorifying God. It means I am doing my utmost for His highest. It means I am doing what I’m doing so that others see God in it, and are prompted to worship Him too.

Worship wherever you are today, and not just in your church building on Sunday. Let TRUE worship be seen all day, everyday, in everything.

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