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These are links to articles and quotes I found interesting this weekend.

[VIDEO] This is dead-on right! The problems with ObamaCare run much deeper.

Now President Obama is using ObamaCare to hide illegal aliens from the law!

[VIDEO] John Maxwell says, “this isn’t a sexy word,” but it is imperative: Endurance.

“This poor Bible is become an almost obsolete book, even with some Christians. There are so many magazines, periodicals, and such like ephemeral productions, that we are in danger of neglecting to search the Scriptures.” —Charles Spurgeon

4 Reasons Why Friends With Benefits Is A Really Bad Idea

A great reminder about the blessing of being able to relax in God.

Soon scientists will be able to create a ‘mug shot’ from your DNA.

The pro-abortion crowd likes to say legalized abortion makes life safer for women. But these facts show they are dead wrong!

“You may wonder how many times the Lord will forgive you for indulging the same sin again and again. Rest assured, His incredible forgiveness is unlimited. Every time you sin, you can go to Jesus and find deliverance. Yet the Lord’s forgiveness is not unwise or blind. To be sure, our heavenly Father forgives us, but at a certain point He punishes us to keep us from continuing in sin. … What, exactly, does it mean to fear the Lord? It means being able to say, ‘I know my Father loves me. I am safely, forever His, and I know He will never abandon me. He feels my pain whenever I struggle and He is patient with me as I war against sin. He is always ready to forgive me whenever I call on Him, but I also know He is not going to allow me to keep disobeying His Word. My heavenly Father will not spare me—because He loves me deeply.’” —David Wilkerson

Poetry Saturday—Work For The Day Is Coming

Annie Coghill
Work, for the Day is coming,
Day in the Word foretold,
When, ‘mid the scenes triumphant,
Longed for by saints of old,
He, who on earth a stranger
Traversed its paths of pain,
Jesus, the Prince, the Savior,
Comes evermore to reign.

Work, for the Day is coming,
Darkness will soon be gone;
Then o’er the night of weeping
Day without end shall dawn.
What now we sow in sadness
Then we shall reap in joy;
Hope will be changed to gladness,
Praise be our blest employ.

Work, for the Day is coming,
Made for the saints of light;
Off with the garments dreary,
On with the armor bright:
Soon will the strife be ended,
Soon all our toils below;
Not to the dark we’re tending,
But to the Day we go.

Work, then, the Day is coming,
No time for sighing now;
Prize for the race awaits thee,
Wreaths for the victor’s brow.
Now morning Light is breaking,
Soon will the Day appear;
Night shades appall no longer,
Jesus, our Lord, is near. —Annie Coghill

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