Loving The Pastor’s Wife

A Pastor Can Love His WifeDave Bruskas has a wonderful post on the Resurgence website (please read the full article by clicking here) called 4 Ways A Pastor Can Love His Wife Well.

Here’s one of the best quotes—

“A pastor’s first flock is his home, and his favorite first flock member is his wife.”

Think of it this way: Marriage is a picture of the relationship Christ wants to have with the Church. So He is described as loving her unconditionally, giving everything up for her, making her His sole focus. So the way you can love your wife best is to love her like Jesus loves His bride.

So, my dear pastor:

  • Don’t expend all your energy on others so that you don’t have any energy left when you get home.
  • Don’t use your most creative forms of communication for your Sunday sermons, and give your wife your leftovers.
  • Don’t get all “talked out” with parishioners so that you’re too tired to talk when you get home.

Your ministry to your wife pleases God. Only when that relationship is working can God bless your other ministry efforts. 

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