The Great Boon Of Peace

In these times of both international and national upheaval, these words from Charles Spurgeon seem very appropriate—

C.H. Spurgeon

“Specially should our nation and our city be blest by our constant intercession. An earnest prayer for your country and other countries is well becoming in the mouth of every believer. Eagerly let us pray for the great boon of peace, both at home and abroad. If strife should cause bloodshed in out streets, or if foreign battle should slay our brave soldiers, we should all bewail the calamity; let us therefore pray for peace and diligently promote those principles by which the classes at home and the races abroad may be bound together in bonds of amity.”

Will you stop what you’re doing right now, before you click anything else on your computer, and pray for God’s peace in the world … in your country … in your very own city …

Thanks! Now let’s keep praying all through this week for peace!

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