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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Long Is The Bible?

This is a part of a lengthy quote from Richard Baxter about a husband’s responsibility to maintain marital love: “Take more notice of the good, that is in your wives, than of the evil. Let not the observation of their faults make you forget or overlook their virtues. Love is kindled by the sight of love or goodness.” Check out the full quote.

[VIDEO] A pregnant mom finds out her son has Down Syndrome, and she’s scared. Watch how children with Down Syndrome respond to her.

John Piper on Lesbian Sex, HIV, Esau and Christ.

“You ask ‘for what’ God wants you. Isn’t the primary answer that He wants you. We’re not told that the lost sheep was sought out for anything except itself [Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7]. Of course, He may have a special job for you: and the certain job is that of becoming more and more His.” —C.S. Lewis

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken (book review)

The Grestest Words Ever SpokenThe greatest Man to ever walk the earth had His words recorded for us. The Bible contains the words of Jesus, intermingled with the descriptions of the things He was doing and the reactions of those who heard and saw Him. In The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, Steven K. Scott has given us the words of Jesus gathered together in easy-to-search categories.

Many Bibles print the words of Christ in red to distinguish them from the rest of the text. In The Greatest Words Ever Spoken almost all you will read are red letter words. With only minimal chapter and category headings, and a few brief introductions to each chapter, Steven Scott steps aside and lets Jesus speak for Himself for over 500 pages.

I don’t think I’ve said this about another book before, but one of the most helpful things in this book is the table of contents. Seriously! It is so cool to be able to find a topic on which I want to absorb the perfect wisdom of Jesus Christ, and turn to that collection of His words on a specific topic. And with so many red letters greeting me on each page, I can let my guard down and drink it all in.

I quickly scanned through this entire book to be able to give you my thoughts, but now I am right back into it, reading slowly and hungrily. It’s so good! The full Bible cannot be beat for giving you the context and setting for Christ’s remarks, but when you want to get right down to the bare essence of what the Master said, you can’t beat The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.

I am a Waterbrook Multnomah book reviewer.

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