Efficient, Friendly Or Both

It was interesting going with Betsy to her eye doctor appointment. The office was big, modern-looking and filled with patients.

As we walked in, we were immediately directed to the line in which we were to check-in. Betsy filled out her forms and turned them in to the front desk staff. They were very efficient, but not so friendly.

As Betsy moved through the process of her appointment, we noticed that most of the efficient people were also the most friendly-deficient people. Until the doctor walked in: Immediately we had BOTH friendly AND efficient.

When we got ready to check out, the lobby was virtually empty. Now the front desk staff were much more friendly, but they were also less efficient and more error-prone than when we arrived.

So I wonder: What does it take to be BOTH efficient AND friendly? Is it only one or the other?

If I had to choose one way, I’d take friendly over efficient every time. Friendly AND efficient is even better.

I know I have a tendency to be very efficient, which makes me wonder, “Am I friendly-deficient in my efficiency? Or am I efficiency-deficient in my friendliness?”

Always remember: Both-AND > Either-Or.

High Five Etiquette

I’m sharing this as a public service announcement because some people really need help in this important social area. You know who you are…

Challenging Concepts

Part two of our Spiritual Self-Defense series went well last night. Considering this was a difficult concept to wrap our finite, human brains around, I felt that everyone was tuned in. Trying to wrestle with the concepts of God as omnipresent, the unique Three-in-One arrangement of the Trinity, or Jesus as fully God and fully Man are not easy. But it is so important to keep learning and keep growing in our understanding of who God is.

Some people bail out too quickly. “It’s too hard,” they complain, and then walk away. But we have to keep stretching.

A couple of thoughts I’m pondering today:

“If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.” —Augustine

“It seems that when we encounter a hard truth about God, we either bend our understanding to Him or bend Him to our understanding.” —Chris Tomlinson

I want to believe the Bible more, so I’m asking the Holy Spirit to continue to bend me and shape me to the deeper truths about God.

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