Crave (book review)


Chris Tomlinson’s first book is a winner! Sometimes when I read books from guys who have Been There Done That, I get the feeling that they’ve somehow arrived and I’m still so lacking. Crave reads like Chris’s personal journal. He’s a BTDT guy, but he humbly paints the picture of someone still on the journey for more of God (which is also, aptly, the subtitle of his work).

The fifteen chapters all point to the same overarching theme: how can I get more of God? Chris opens up his heart and lets us peek inside to see what his journey has looked like, and what it still looks like. Never did I have the feeling that he was telling me what I should do, but more like he was saying to me,

“Here’s where I struggled; here’s where I blew it; here’s where I overcame; here’s what I’m still learning. Learn from my successes and failures, and let’s go after more of God together.”

Many times I gauge a book by how many passages I highlight, but I couldn’t do that with Crave. Too much of it rang true to me. If I were to highlight the heart-tugging passages, pages and pages would have become saturated with orange ink. Instead of the pages soaking up ink, I let my spirit soak up the truthfulness, applicability and timeliness of Chris’s words.

If you’re craving more of God, if you want a more satisfying relationship with Christ, even if you feel like your relationship with God has parked on a plateau, Crave can help you rekindle your pursuit of intimacy with your Creator.

I am a Harvest House book reviewer.

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