Efficient, Friendly Or Both

It was interesting going with Betsy to her eye doctor appointment. The office was big, modern-looking and filled with patients.

As we walked in, we were immediately directed to the line in which we were to check-in. Betsy filled out her forms and turned them in to the front desk staff. They were very efficient, but not so friendly.

As Betsy moved through the process of her appointment, we noticed that most of the efficient people were also the most friendly-deficient people. Until the doctor walked in: Immediately we had BOTH friendly AND efficient.

When we got ready to check out, the lobby was virtually empty. Now the front desk staff were much more friendly, but they were also less efficient and more error-prone than when we arrived.

So I wonder: What does it take to be BOTH efficient AND friendly? Is it only one or the other?

If I had to choose one way, I’d take friendly over efficient every time. Friendly AND efficient is even better.

I know I have a tendency to be very efficient, which makes me wonder, “Am I friendly-deficient in my efficiency? Or am I efficiency-deficient in my friendliness?”

Always remember: Both-AND > Either-Or.

Tell me what you think about this...

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