Church Problems

Churches have problems. Why? Quite simply because the church is made up of imperfect people who have problems. I have issues. You have issues. And when our issues cross each other, there will be problems. Whether it’s at work, at church, at school or at home, whenever there is more than one person, there will be problems.

I’m passionately dedicated to the principle for conflict resolution Jesus taught in Matthew 18. Most notably people go wrong at the very first step. Here’s the one step that would keep so many of the problems solvable – TALK TO THE PERSON ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

That’s it. Don’t talk to a third party about a problem you have with someone else. TALK TO THE PERSON. Otherwise, this video shows the sorts of problems you’ll create –

Did you see what happened at the end? Everyone ran away. Nothing was solved. The problem got worse. Can I reiterate it one more time? Don’t talk to someone else about the problem, talk directly to the person with whom you have the problem.

Will this magically solve the problem? Of course not. But it will open the door for dialogue where perhaps the issue can be resolved. However one thing is guaranteed… if you talk to someone else, you will make the problem worse – times ten!

Clear enough?

Stepping Up To The Challenge

I shared with you earlier how my faith was challenged and stretched when my leadership team believed we could hit a much larger missions-giving goal than I had thought. (You can read about my little faith here.)

On Wednesday night we challenged our Impact students to believe God to do big things through them, and we asked them to make a faith promise. To say, “God, if You will help me give this amount to Speed The Light, I will do it.” Last night I was able to sit down with my leaders to tally up the cards that were turned in. Just in their faith promises alone our youth group has already committed one-third of our total goal!

I’m so proud of our students! I’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing. Please pray for us that we’ll be creative in finding new ways to raise money for missions, and that we’ll continue to have our faith stretched.

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