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“Some temptations come to the industrious, but all temptations attack the idle. … Idle Christians are not so much tempted of the devil as they are tempting the devil to tempt them. Idleness sets the door of the heart ajar, and asks satan to come in; but if we are occupied from morning till night, if satan shall get in, he must break through the door. Under sovereign grace, and next to faith, there is no better shield against temptation than being ‘Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.’” —Charles Spurgeon

“satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do.” —Isaac Watts

“Our God and Father may, for wise ends, which shall ultimately subserve His own glory and our profit, lead us into positions where satan, the world and the flesh may tempt us; and the prayer [Matthew 6:13] to be understood in that sense of a humble self-distrust which shrinks from the conflict. There is courage here, for the suppliant calmly looks the temptation in the face, and dreads only the evil which it may work in him, but there is also a holy fear, a sacred self-suspicion, a dread of contact with sin in any degree. The sentiment is not inconsistent with ‘all joy’ when the divers temptations do come; it is akin to the Savior’s ‘If it be possible, let this cup pass from Me,’ which did not for a moment prevent His drinking the cup even to its dregs.” —Charles Spurgeon

“Meekness loves to learn. And it counts the blows of a friend as precious. And when it must say a critical word to a person caught in sin or error, it speaks from the deep conviction of its own fallibility and its own susceptibility to sin and its utter dependence on the grace of God. The quietness and openness and vulnerability of meekness is a very beautiful and a very painful thing. It goes against all that we are by our sinful nature. It requires supernatural help.” —John Piper

Dads, this is an important article for you to read if you have a daughter.

Did you know that 41,000 people commit suicide each year? Here is a helpful piece on how you can help bring hope to the hopeless.

Seth Godin says, “If your employees can’t answer how something they do helps the customer or the company, you’ve insulated your people from their jobs.” Check out his post Why Do You Do It This Way?

Just The Way You Are

I love this video, this song, and the overall message!!

I have heard it said that Dads are the most influential person in helping build our daughter’s self-esteem in a healthy, God-honoring way. So, Dad, never miss a chance to speak into your daughter’s life! Tell her often how special she is to you and to her Heavenly Father.

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What Is He Thinking?? (book review)

So many times I overhear guys trying to figure out what the women in their lives are thinking. So it just seems natural that women would have the same questions about guys. So to help the ladies out, Rebecca St. James has interviewed several guys, and complied the results in her latest book What Is He Thinking??

Here’s how Rebecca describes part of her motivation in writing this book —

Not too long ago I was out in the sunshine going for a long rollerblade. And I was lost in my thoughts. Thinking about a boy. Dissecting every detail of my relationship with said boy. About halfway through my ride I felt the Holy Spirit gently nudge me, “Rebecca, look up.” I realized that I had been staring at the ground as I bladed, worrying, analyzing my dating life, not looking up and around, and—most of all—not looking for God to speak to my situation. I realized that I wasn’t awake to a few necessary things.

Awake to the fact that I could trust God to take care of me, that I didn’t have to be anxious.

…I think it’s very easy for us girls to get so caught up in relationships that we become blind to the other things that are going on around us. The spiritual dimension of a relationship is very important. Here’s what I discovered about how guys feel about their walk with God and how it relates to the girls they pursue.

So Rebecca chose both single and married guys, older and younger guys, friends and family. She both interviewed them with specific questions, and allowed them an “open forum” to share what’s on their minds about relationships, dating, marriage, and sex. These guys shared their turn-ons and turn-offs, their dreams, and their ideals. As a guy, I resonated with what these guys shared, and was pleasantly surprised by how many guys were so tuned-in to the biblical standards of relationships.

I would highly recommend this book for any parents with teenage daughters. Perhaps you could even do what my daughter and I are doing: Reading AND discussing the content of this book together. Relationships can be so confusing, so What Is He Thinking?? can take some of the mystery out of it.

I am a FaithWords book reviewer.

Calling Out Manhood

Last week I shared about the outstanding movie Courageous which opens on September 30. This movie will be enjoyed by everyone in the family, but Dads especially are going to be challenged to take their fatherhood to a whole new level.

I recently read Secure Daughters, Confident Sons by Glenn Stanton, and these two quotes from that book tie-in so well to the message of Courageous

When a relationship between a boy and his father is loving and warm, as opposed to critical and stoic, those boys are indeed more likely to develop healthily in more masculine ways.

The girl who doesn’t have the power and beauty of her femininity affirmed by the first and most important man in her life [her Dad] will grow into a woman driven to flaunt it in the face of every young and older man, constantly making the very public and insecure statement, “I desperately need you to notice me as a woman!”

Here’s a powerful 1-minute clip from Courageous

Make your plans NOW to see Courageous when it opens on September 30.

Happy 14th

   My Dearest Samantha,

   Fourteen years ago today I was blessed with the arrival of one of the most vibrant people I have ever known: You! Right from the time we brought you home from the hospital you had such spunk and originality. You truly were a unique personality.

   And you still are!

   I so enjoy watching the pure enjoyment you have in everything you do. You so completely throw yourself into all of your pursuits, tackling them with excellence, passion, and your own unique flair. But beyond the flute playing, and crafts, and cheerleading, and school work, I most appreciate your passionate love for Jesus! Not only the way you pursue Him, but the way you help others to find Him as well.

   If anyone ever wanted to catch a glimpse of your Savior, they can easily see it in your love. You love Him, and you love others too! My prayer is that Jesus will always be your #1 passion and love.

   I love you, my darling Samantha! Happy birthday!



An Open Letter To My Daughter

My Dearest Samantha,

Last night as I watched your Mom teaching you how to put on makeup for the very first time, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful you are and what an incredible young woman you are becoming. It’s so wonderful to see that your beauty doesn’t come from anything you’ve done to the outside, but who you are on the inside. All the makeup did was enhance that beauty a little bit.

As you get older I know that fashionable clothes, the latest hairstyles, and the newest cosmetics will play more and more of a role in your life, but always remember where your true beauty comes from. The Bible says it this way, “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

You already have such an inner beauty that God loves … and your Daddy loves! It shines out of your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, I can see it in your actions, I can feel it in your hugs. You are so beautiful!

To keep this unfading beauty shining brightly, remember this: “Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, she shall be praised!”

I couldn’t be more proud of you than I already am, so I will always be your loudest cheering section and chairman of your fan club! You are my beautiful Rose!

I love you,



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