What Is He Thinking?? (book review)

So many times I overhear guys trying to figure out what the women in their lives are thinking. So it just seems natural that women would have the same questions about guys. So to help the ladies out, Rebecca St. James has interviewed several guys, and complied the results in her latest book What Is He Thinking??

Here’s how Rebecca describes part of her motivation in writing this book—

“Not too long ago I was out in the sunshine going for a long rollerblade. And I was lost in my thoughts. Thinking about a boy. Dissecting every detail of my relationship with said boy. About halfway through my ride I felt the Holy Spirit gently nudge me, “Rebecca, look up.” I realized that I had been staring at the ground as I bladed, worrying, analyzing my dating life, not looking up and around, and—most of all—not looking for God to speak to my situation. I realized that I wasn’t awake to a few necessary things.

“Awake to the fact that I could trust God to take care of me, that I didn’t have to be anxious.

“…I think it’s very easy for us girls to get so caught up in relationships that we become blind to the other things that are going on around us. The spiritual dimension of a relationship is very important. Here’s what I discovered about how guys feel about their walk with God and how it relates to the girls they pursue.”

So Rebecca chose both single and married guys, older and younger guys, friends and family. She both interviewed them with specific questions, and allowed them an “open forum” to share what’s on their minds about relationships, dating, marriage, and sex. These guys shared their turn-ons and turn-offs, their dreams, and their ideals. As a guy, I resonated with what these guys shared, and was pleasantly surprised by how many guys were so tuned-in to the biblical standards of relationships.

I would highly recommend this book for any parents with teenage daughters. Perhaps you could even do what my daughter and I are doing: Reading AND discussing the content of this book together. Relationships can be so confusing, so What Is He Thinking?? can take some of the mystery out of it.

I am a FaithWords book reviewer.

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  1. Karen Says:

    thanks for sharing that


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