Podcast: Leading Difficult Peers

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No need to call anyone out, but when I say “difficult peer” at least one person probably comes to mind right away, right? So what’s the solution: ignore them, scream, tear your hair out? Greg and I think there’s a better solution. In this episode, we walk through how we’ve dealt with difficult peers in the past and give actionable advice on how your leadership and coaching can help them improve.

  • [0:16] We are continuing our series about leading difficult people from wherever you are in your organization. 
  • [1:24] Our goal as leaders should be to figure out why a particular peer is so difficult to work with.
  • [2:00] A warning about the least productive thing you can do when you are frustrated with a coworker.
  • [3:44] A great example from Jesus for those striving to be servant leaders.
  • [5:17] Some questions to ask ourselves to determine if our difficult teammates are coachable.
  • [7:31] We need to learn the best ways to communicate with our teammates.
  • [9:18] Where does mistrust play a role in these difficult situations?
  • [13:13] Leaders at every level need to learn the art of diplomacy.
  • [15:02] Where does defeatism come into play?
  • [17:03] A shepherd’s heart must be cultivated for us to lead well—especially leading difficult peers.
  • [18:45] “When you’re ready” is a great posture for a leader, but it must be lived out.

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