Podcast: Keep Your Emotions Regulated

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As a leader, you will have to deal with very emotional situations from time to time. While you may not always have control over when these situations arise, you do have the ability to control your reaction to them. In this episode of The Craig and Greg Show, we discuss emotional regulation and how keeping your emotions managed can be a powerful tool for leaders.

  • [0:34] Well-regulated emotions are powerful.
  • [0:55] How do we keep emotions in check?
  • [2:52] Greg thinks of emotional regulation as a throttle.
  • [3:31] What are the messes created by unregulated emotion?
  • [5:59] The triggers of emotional response.
  • [8:35] We can’t control situations, but we can control our responses.
  • [9:06] The four categories of regulation.
  • [10:52] What should you look for to help you be more self-aware?
  • [13:25] Don’t give up how you feel.
  • [14:12] Self-awareness doesn’t come from a book, it takes practice and reflection.
  • [16:10] Slow down!
  • [16:40] Dis-regulated emotions hurt your ability to influence.
  • [18:34] I talk about servant leadership from my book Shepherd Leadership.
  • [19:05] How to improve your emotional regulation skills.
  • [22:48] I discuss the difference between responding and reacting.
  • [24:02] Greg says people are sensitive and the damage done can be lasting.
  • [25:27] Greg shares an insightful quote from Viktor Frankl.
  • [26:45] We would love to coach you if you need help with emotional regulation.

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