Podcast: Lead Up

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When we think about leadership, we often envision the people in organizationally designated leadership roles “leading down” to the people on their team. In this episode of The Craig And Greg Show, we flip the script, discussing how you can “lead up” to those above you and help your team achieve greater levels of success. 

  • [0:30] This is part 1 of a new series of periodic episodes of how to lead at all levels of your organization. 
  • [1:07] What is the real definition of a leader?
  • [1:55] You need different skills to lead up based on how receptive your leader is.
  • [3:31] Do you have the right tools to lead up, or do you need to fill your toolbox first?
  • [5:30] What happens when the leadership above you changes?
  • [6:35] There are two really important words when leading up: stewardship and accountability.
  • [7:59] “I told you so” doesn’t help you lead up, nor does withholding information from your up-leader.
  • [11:55] What are the best ways to talk to your up-leader?
  • [14:35] Everyone in the organization already knows when you have the good ideas, so you don’t have to announce it.
  • [15:05] How do you balance being proactive with being too aggressive?
  • [16:05] What lessons can you learn from working with your difficult up-leader?
  • [17:42] You shouldn’t try to “fix” your up-leader, but help your up-leader.
  • [19:34] I share how I kept my attitude in check with my difficult up-leader.
  • [22:00] Coaches can help you do what you’re already doing better than you’re currently doing it

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