It’s Time To Write Another Book!

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Thank you to my many friends who helped make Shepherd Leadership a reality! My first book would not have been published, and been such a blessing to so many Christian leaders, if it hadn’t been for such amazing people who helped me fund this project!

Shepherd Leadership opened the door for me to talk with so many pastors. In my conversations with them, I discovered how beat up so many of them were feeling. This began to stir in me the desire to write another book to help them out, which prompted the thought for yet another book.

The first book has the working title When Sheep Bite: How shepherds should respond to attacks and abandonment. This book will be presented in three sections:

  1. Cultivating a shepherd’s heart toward the sheep
  2. Handling the various bites and kicks that come from the sheep
  3. Staying faithful to God’s call to shepherd His flock under your care

The second book has a working title of Amen Indeed! This is a book of prayers for the variety of situations that pastors face. The first part of this book lists the different scenarios that call for prayer and then presents a prayer that is rooted in biblical texts. The second part of the book is a prayer for pastors for each Sunday of the year.

But in order to help these ministry leaders, I once again need some help from you. One of the lessons I learned from my first publishing experience is that a lot of money was spent on a publisher that could have gone toward getting the book out to more people. So this time I will be self-publishing these books. 

Would you consider being a sponsor of these books? 

  • For a donation of $35, you will get an advanced, pre-release copy of the ebook. You will be reading this book before anyone has it! [UPDATE: 1 sponsor at this level]
  • For a donation of $75, you will not only get the pre-release copy of the ebook but also an autographed copy of the pre-released print version of the book. [UPDATE: 2 sponsors at this level]
  • For a donation of $200 or more, you will get all of the above, AND you will have access to the opening paragraphs of each chapter as they are written, as well as some behind-the-scenes videos throughout this journey. [UPDATE: 3 sponsors at this level]

All of my supporters will receive immediate access to the audio version of the introduction to When Sheep Bite.

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Thank you in advance for helping me to help our pastors not just survive, but thrive in their ministries! 

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