“So That…”

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There are so many things a leader can do to develop themselves and develop the people around them. In fact, at times there may be too many things from which we could choose! 

So how do we narrow it down? How do we know which things to guard in our schedule, which things to drop, and which things to add? 

One thing that has been immensely helpful for me is asking the question, “Why do I want to do this, or learn this, or make a commitment to this?” And then answer the question with these two words, “So that…. 

What is the “so that” I am aiming for? How will that thing enhance my leadership or develop me personally? I need to keep asking that question again and again until I hit upon the key factor that needs to be added to my schedule and then guarded in my schedule. 

I co-host a leadership podcast called The Craig And Greg Show with my lifelong friend Greg Heeres. On a recent episode, we were discussing the value of personal development and we got into this “so that” topic.

A mark of a godly leader is one who is regularly asking the question, “Why am I doing this?” and then continually drilling down to a solid “so that” reason. 

If I can help coach you through this process in your leadership journey, please reach out to me. 

This is part 68 in my series on godly leadership. You can check out all of my posts in this series by clicking here.

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