Podcast: Personal Development Grows Leadership

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As leaders, it’s our responsibility to help our organization grow. As Greg and I discuss in this episode of The Craig And Greg Show, one of the best ways to do that is by focusing on your own personal development. It might seem counterintuitive, but by focusing inward we make ourselves more flexible, robust, and prepared leaders. This, in turn, enables us to better influence and encourage others in our leadership roles.

  • [0:20] Why should leaders set goals?
  • [0:45] What do we mean by “personal development”?
  • [2:15] I discuss healthy personal development in Shepherd Leadership.
  • [3:38] Greg wonders why personal development takes us so far.
  • [6:19] Why do people procrastinate on their own personal development? 
  • [8:29] Where does delayed gratification come in when we are growing and learning?
  • [10:50] Personal development is not about fixing something in ourselves.
  • [12:54] The book Strengths Finder can help leaders know where they should develop themselves .
  • [13:21] How can we identify and lift lids in our lives?
  • [16:04] Watch your self-talk!
  • [17:21] Check out some of the benefits of personal development.
  • [19:15] It’s important to self-reflect on the areas where we’ve already grown.
  • [20:34] More benefits that come with personal development.
  • [23:10] Personal development is the best resume.
  • [25:07] I have seen that as I develop myself I am able to be a greater help for my team’s development.
  • [26:14] Comparing is a personal development killer.
  • [27:24] Progress is exciting!
  • [29:22] Greg and I would love to help coach you in your personal development.

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