Podcast: Dream With A Plan

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On this episode of “The Craig And Greg Show” we talk about: 

  • [0:24] We want you to dream!
  • [1:47] What are some reasons people don’t set goals?
  • [3:10] The trap of comfort zones.
  • [5:14] Are you afraid of achievement?
  • [5:57] The balance of internal and external discipline.
  • [9:21] We would love to help you stretch to the next level!
  • [10:30] Why do people set goals?
  • [13:42] Why are goals hard to attain?
  • [14:31] Time is not manageable.
  • [15:30] Self-awareness and clarity are tools to help set goals.
  • [17:48] Be a goal-influencer by supporting others’ goals.
  • [19:20] Take time to celebrate reaching goals.
  • [22:40] Sharing goals with others lets them know what’s important to you.
  • [23:31] Celebrating steps toward a goal helps maintain motivation.
  • [25:00] I love this quote from Andrew Wood on incremental steps.

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