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Here are the links to some interesting reading I found this weekend.

“The dominant model of how speech works is that it is planned in advance—speakers begin with a conscious idea of exactly what they are going to say. But some researchers think that speech is not entirely planned, and that people know what they are saying in part through hearing themselves speak.” Check out more of this fascinating report You Don’t Always Know What Youre Saying.

A balanced approach is vital. “Beware any teacher or preacher who has little use for doctrine or church history.” —T.M. Moore

“Lastly, as the best advice I can give, seek more of the Spirit of God, for this is the way to become Christ-like. Vain are all your attempts to be like Him till you have sought His Spirit. Take the cold iron, and attempt to weld it if you can into a certain shape. How fruitless the effort! Lay it on the anvil, seize the blacksmith’s hammer with all your might; let blow after blow fall upon it, and you shall have done nothing. Twist it, turn it, use all your implements, but you shall not be able to fashion it as you would. But put it in the fire, let it be softened and made malleable, then lay it on the anvil, and each stroke shall have a mighty effect, so that you may fashion it into any form you may desire. So take your heart, not cold as it is, not stony, as it is by nature, but put it into the furnace; there let it be molten, and after that it can be turned like wax to the seal, and fashioned into the image of Jesus Christ.” —Charles Spurgeon

John Stonestreet has a timely reminder in his commentary Race And Redemption.

A great piece on euthanasia: What Happened To Switzerland?

Ian & Larissa

I first became aware of this amazing love story two years ago, and this story has continued to astound me! I am so excited to hear about the book that will be coming out soon. In the meantime, you can keep up with Ian & Larissa Murphy by checking out their blog, and you can help pay for Ian’s physical therapy by buying one of his paintings.

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