How High Will You Climb? (book review)

How High Will You Climb?John Maxwell’s books give me wings! They are always so encouraging, yet at the same time challenging me to go beyond my current setting. I recently read How High Will You Climb? (again). I put the “again” in parenthesis because this is an abridgment of The Winning Attitude, which I read over 10 years ago. But the message about the power of attitude was a welcome reminder.

What is an attitude?
It is the “advance man” of our true selves.
Its roots are in word but its fruit is outward.
It is our best friend and our worst enemy.
It is more honest and more consistent than our words.
It is an outward look based on past experiences.
It is a thing that draws people to us or repels them.
It is never content until it is expressed.
It is the librarian of our past.
It is the speaker of our present.
It is the prophet of our future. (from How High Will You Climb? page 14)

If your natural bent is a negative attitude, you need to read this book. If you natural bent is a positive attitude, you will find page after page of reinforcing ideas to take your attitude even higher, and help you lift others with you.

How High Will You Climb? (or The Winning Attitude) is a great read for everyone!

I am a Thomas Nelson book reviewer.

The Love Of God (book review)

The Love Of GodAs I have often said, Oswald Chambers challenges me to think more deeply and broadly like few others can. This collection of books (there are six of them in this one volume) under the heading The Love Of God is no different.

And thinking is what this collection of books is all about. This is a series of lectures and sermons which caused me to rethink not the various biblical doctrines I have learned, but the application of those doctrines to my daily life. This is just what Oswald Chambers had in mind. For one set of lectures, Chamber wrote this introduction—

“The object of these studies is to stimulate thinking along Christian lines. So many among us have a good spiritual experience, but have never thought things out on Christian lines. It is just as true that a man may live a Christian life without thinking it as that a man may think the Christian life without living it; but to combine the two means that great help may be rendered during times of confusion, turmoil and tension like the present. Bear in mind that Christian growth is based on the regeneration of a man’s soul through Redemption.” (emphasis in his original)

If you want to have your thinking stretched, this is the book for you!

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