Who Is Jesus?

JesusSome call Him Savior. Some call Him a moral teacher. Some call Him a prophet. Some only call His name as a curse word. Regardless of what people call Him, Jesus is almost universally known.

Despite what people call Him, and as much as people claim to know about Jesus, there are still so many questions that swirl around—

  • Who is this Man?
  • How can someone be both God and Man at the same time?
  • Did Jesus just show up in Bethlehem, or was He around earlier?
  • Was He really perfect? Could He really live His whole life without sinning once?
  • How could He die and yet come back to life?
  • Better yet: why did He have to die at all?
  • Does it really matter whether or not He was resurrected from the dead?

As we approach this Easter season, more and more people’s thoughts will be turning toward this Man. Please join me beginning this Sunday as we consider this simple, yet profound question: Who Is Jesus? The answer to that one simple question will be life-changing!

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