Conspiracy“The one Jesus that skeptics refuse to tolerate is a uniquely divine, miraculous, prophesy-fulfilling, and resurrected Jesus—even if the evidence points persuasively in that direction. After all, that would put them in the place of being beholden to Him. Their personal sovereignty and moral independence would be at risk. The problem is: that’s the real Jesus.” —Lee Strobel 

Jesus was crucified. He was in the grave for three days. Then God raised Him from the dead, fulfilling everything that had been prophesied about Him! That’s the real Jesus!

But those who don’t want to acknowledge those facts have concocted all sorts of conspiracy theories as to His death and resurrection.

On Easter morning, Calvary Assembly of God will be presenting an original drama called Conspiracy! to tackle these conspiracies head-on. The cast of characters is interesting, the dialogue is witty and fast-moving, so this will be a very memorable morning!

Here’s the info:

When: Sunday, March 31, at 9am and 11am.

Where: Calvary Assembly of God.

Cost: FREE but we suggest you get a ticket to make sure you have a seat. You can reserve your spot by clicking here and emailing your ticket request to me.

A delicious breakfast + some uplifting music + a memorable drama = a great morning learning about the risen Jesus. Please don’t miss it!

Keep On Learning

Safe pathDon’t ever think you know it all.

Because you can’t!

There’s no way you can know it all.

So keep on learning.

Keep on digging in God’s Word.

Keep on letting the Holy Spirit teach you.

God is the only Know-It-All.

And He wants to teach you too.

What should a man learn?

Not hard to answer:

steadfastness in holiness,

shortness of words,

gentle brotherliness…

walking in obedience to God…

zeal in prayer…

bringing pride low,

simplicity of heart…

patience in the face of hardship. —Colmán mac Beógnai 

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