God Is Here

God is here

Jewish scholars used to debate why God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. A thunderclap or lightning bolt would have been more impressive. And why the far side of the desert? Why not the palace or a pyramid in Egypt? They concluded that God appeared to Moses in a burning bush for one simple reason: to show that no place is devoid of God’s presence, not even a bush on the backside of the desert.

—From Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson

God is Jehovah Shammah

The One Who is with us everywhere for He is Omnipresent

God is here

Wherever you are today—stuck in the snow, hard at work, playing with your kids, eating lunch with your friends, at church, reading a book, singing a song—God is there. That makes wherever you are holy ground.

Live today like you are in the very presence of God.

Because you are. 

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