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“Who among you today is doing the most for your Master’s kingdom? I will tell you. Lend me a spiritual thermometer by which I may try the heat of your heart, and I will tell you the amount of your success.” —Charles Spurgeon

Max Lucado shares A Prayer For America.

A couple of free ebooks for you―

“Someday there will be a community where everyone behaves and no one complains. But it won’t be this side of heaven. So what do we do? We reason. We confront. We teach. But most of all, we love.” —Max Lucado

“It turns out that the most productive thing we can do is to stop working on someone else’s task list and figure out a more useful contribution instead. This is what separates great organizations from good ones, and extraordinary careers from frustrated ones. The challenge is that the final step requires a short-term hit to your productivity. But, if you fail to invest the time and effort to find a better path, it’s unlikely you’ll find one.” Read more of Seth Godin’s post The Productivity Pyramid.

[PHOTOS] Some really cool pictures from the scientific world.

And for some pseudo-science: Was 2014 “the hottest year on record”? Better read this for the facts.

Free Books

A couple of months ago I had the privilege to read and review the manuscript for a helpful new book called Living Free In An Anxious World. I was also very blessed that the co-authors both  guest blogged on my website (you can read their posts here and here).

Now something even more amazing… ACU Press/Leafwood Publishers have given me two copies of this book — hot off the printing presses — to give away to two deserving readers of this blog!

Here’s how to get in the running for a free copy…

  1. Read either my review of this book (it’s posted here) or one/both of the guest posts from the co-authors.
  2. In the comment section of this post, tell me why you would like a copy of this book, or how you think reading this book could help you or others.
  3. Finally, after you have left your comment, click on one of the share buttons below to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.

At 9:00pm EDT tonight, I will pick two winners solely on the creativity of their comments. If you are a winner, I will contact you via email to get your mailing address. If you don’t get an email from me, then, unfortunately, you were not a winner this time. But keep checking back for other giveaways.

Ready? Go!

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