Poetry Saturday—Brothers And Sisters The Same

Look around at the sign of the times,
churches are closing their doors.
Is it because God has left them
or because of internal wars?

There‘s people trying to find the Savior
but they don’t know where to go.
One says, “This church is a good one,”
another says, “No, it ain’t so.”

What happens when the doors lock?
What happens to the lost soul?
Is this what Jesus was all about?
Was fancy carpet His real goal?

Does anyone know where God truly is?
Did He tell you while deep in prayer?
Does He need stained glass windows
for Him to be present there?

If Jesus Himself came to your church
do you think that they’d let Him in?
Or would they say, “That‘s outrageous,
the people He’s with commit sin!”

Do you think that you’ve overcome,
that you‘re a sinner no more?
If that’s what you think, I’m sorry,
Jesus has something for you in store.

We all are sinners each and everyone.
None of us are innocent and pure;
if you think that you are different,
I don’t think that you are so sure.

So before you go pointing your finger,
before you go laying the blame,
remember what it says in the Bible:
we are brothers and sisters the same. —Barney Fritcher

Barney’s Choice

Barney FritcherYesterday I had the privilege of speaking at the funeral of my good friend Barney Fritcher. Barney was an amazing man who lived as much like Jesus as anyone else I have ever met.

In December 2008 I tried my hand at a little poetry, which I posted on my blog with the title Choices. It was a humble attempt at expressing myself. But Barney, who truly had a God-given gift for poetry, wrote a poem in response that left my eyes filled with tears. I read his poem at his memorial service yesterday, and found out that no one else had heard this poem before then. Since many have been asking for a copy of it, and since it is such an amazing piece, I thought I would share it here for everyone to enjoy.

There have been times
when choices I’ve made
if given the chance
I would gladly trade. 
The path that I took
was rocky and rough
and things all around me
seemed to be tough. 
I could have asked Jesus
to lend me a hand
to reach down and pull me
from the sinking sand. 
He could have helped me
to a road that was paved
but I walked on my own
before I was saved. 
I climbed over 
the brush and the briar
thinking I could help myself
from that fire. 
When trees fell down
and blocked my way
I could have gotten down
on my knees to pray.
I could have said,
“Lord, it’s You that I choose
please save my life 
before life I lose.” 
But I was stubborn
fighting for my goal
now to the Lord
I have given my soul. 
The path I now travel
is clear to me
and any obstruction
is plain to see. 
When I look ahead
and problems arise
I pray to the Lord
and He hears my cries. 
He helps me to choose
a safe way to go 
making my sins
as white as snow. 
Of all of the choices
that I have made
I’m glad I made one
I’m glad I’ve been saved.

May we all make the choice that Barney made to invite Jesus into our lives!

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