Memorial Day

I’m so grateful for the men and women who have put themselves on the front lines to keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave! One day a year is far too short a time to honor our fallen heroes, so let’s make sure we start today, and remember them all year long.

Thank you soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines! Because of you, we enjoy our freedom today. May God bless you!

This is a poem by my friend Barney Fritcher entitled “They Stand” —

They stand at attention saluting our flag
or they place hands over their heart
They’ve stood together on foreign lands
each one has done their part
They’ve defended this nation and some have died
to ensure that you’ve kept your rights
They’ve watched as their buddies fell to the ground
and they’ve slept in the jungle some nights
They’ve crawled in the mud while covered with blood
our children, our daughters and sons
and never, not once did they go on strike
saying they did not get enough funds
Many days they have gone without sleep
as they fought for this country we love
Thousands of them have lost their lives
and went with our God up above
To us they are heroes but to them it’s their job
they do what needs to be done
defending this country that we so love
even down to the last one
We give them a day to memorialize them
to honor them for all that they do
but a year would not be honor enough
for the service they give that is true
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
Men and woman that are so grand
They serve this nation of America
and forever together they stand

One Response to “Memorial Day”

  1. johnewordslinger Says:

    Thank you for posting your brothers poem Salute. Another fine poem here like Greater Love by By Wilfred Owen

    Salute to you all.


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