Brothers And Sisters The Same

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I love my Coffee With The Pastor times every Tuesday! Yesterday a relatively new Christian (and a great friend), Barney Fritcher, shared with me his heartache over people who snipe and bicker and complain about their church. In Barney’s short time of being a follower of Jesus Christ, he has attended two churches which have closed their doors as a direct result of infighting. How incredibly sad!

God has given Barney a great gift of poetry. After our conversation yesterday, he penned the following lines that are just too good not to share with you:

Look around at the sign of the times
churches are closing their doors
is it because God has left them
or because of internal wars

There’s people trying to find the Savior
but they don’t know where to go
one says, “This church is a good one“
another says “No, it ain’t so”

What happens when the doors lock
what happens to the lost soul
is this what Jesus was all about
was fancy carpet His real goal

Does anyone know where God truly is
did He tell you while deep in prayer
does He need stained glass windows
for Him to be present there

If Jesus Himself came to your church
do you think that they’d let Him in
or would they say, “That’s outrageous
the people He’s with commit sin”

Do you think that you’ve overcome
that you’re a sinner no more
if that’s what you think, I’m sorry
Jesus has something for you in store

We all are sinners each and everyone
none of us are innocent and pure
if you think that you are different
I don’t think that you are so sure

So before you go pointing your finger
before you go laying the blame
remember what it says in the Bible
we are brothers and sisters the same

How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along! —Psalm 133:1 (The Message)

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4 Responses to “Brothers And Sisters The Same”

  1. Mary Says:

    Craig my Dad used to say if the church was perfect there was a problem . It is the hospital for sinners not a get together for saints.


  2. barney Says:

    amen mary


  3. panhead1994 Says:

    this is powerful. we should have read this at tonight’s business meeting 🙂


  4. Links & Quotes | Craig T. Owens Says:

    […] In my “Best of…” post this week, I share a conversation with a new Christian about church infighting, and the resulting poem. Check out Brothers And Sisters The Same. […]


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