Coffee & Questions

coffee-with-the-pastorOne of the first things I started doing when I arrived at Bethel Assembly of God was to start going to Starbucks every week. (Just to clarify: I still do not drink coffee, but I do enjoy their green tea frappuccino blended with ice and their iced black tea is also delicious.) I wanted to hang out at Starbucks just to build some relationships. Almost a year after starting this, it is still one of my favorite times of the week!

I have loved getting to know people in a more casual setting — both folks who attend Bethel regularly, those who attend occasionally, and those who have never attended. But the part about the getting-to-know-you time I really love is the questions. Some questions are lighthearted, and some are very deep and challenging. Here’s just a sampling of the questions I weighed in on this morning:

    • How can I get my wife to respect me?
    • Is Allen Iverson going to be a good fit for the Pistons?
    • Did God just create the universe and leave it alone, or is He still involved in our lives?
    • How did you decide who to vote for?
    • Did all of humanity really just come from two humans?
    • What does it sound like when God ‘speaks’ to you?
    • Is that a good book?
    • How do you spell “questions”? (Seriously, I was asked this today!)

I love questions! Questions keep me sharp… questions give me an insight into the motivation of the questioner… questions keep the dialogue interesting… questions move people closer to Truth. If you are around Burton/Flint on any Tuesday morning, please stop in the Starbucks at Center and Court from 7:30-9:30 am (or later if the questions are still flowing).

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