Light & Truth—Acts And the Larger Epistles (book review)

Light & Truth [Acts]Horatius Bonar has given us a fantastic companion for our Bible reading time. This is my second review of his Light And Truth series (the first review on the Gospels may be read here). This installment covers the biblical books of Acts, Romans, and 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Bonar grew up in a pastoral home, with plenty of other pastors and evangelists in his family tree. You might say that he was weaned on Scripture and its application to our lives. This Bible-based heritage comes through in all he writes. By no means, though, does Bonar simply ride the coattails of his esteemed family, but he is quite brilliant in his own Holy Spirit-inspired insights.

Bonar’s commentaries are not a verse-by-verse exposition of the Scripture. Instead, he may just take one or two verses and “go deep” with them. A short passage may be taken apart word by word, and many rich applications are thus brought forth.

As I am reading through the New Testament, I am finding Horatius Bonar to be a helpful “tour guide” on my journey.

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