Living A Prayerful Life (book review)

Living A Prayerful LifeAndrew Murray is fast becoming a beloved pastor/author to me. He writes so humbly, and yet so confidently, of the walk that every Christian should have. In Living A Prayerful Life, Pastor Murray turns his attention to the indispensable role of prayer.

To be a little more specific, this book was written to a conference of pastors who were sensing a lack of power and effectiveness in their ministry. Andrew Murray quickly diagnosed the main culprit for these pastors: the sin of prayerlessness. Pastor Murray opens his book with this thought: “Early copies of the book were sent out with the thought that if the leaders of the church could see that in spiritual work everything depends upon prayer, and that God Himself helps those who wait on Him, it could truly be a day of hope for our church.”

And then he ends his book with this challenge―

“In a book such as this, dealing with the life of prayer and intimate fellowship with God, it is indispensable that we should be prepared to receive and obey all that we see to be according to the Word and will of God. Where this disposition to receive and obey is lacking, knowledge only serves to make the heart less capable of receiving a fuller life. satan endeavors to become the master of the Christian’s prayer time. This is because he knows that the testimony of the one who has been unfaithful in prayer will cause little damage to his kingdom. …

The great question is: Shall we earnestly set ourselves to win back again the weapon of believing prayer that satan has, at least in a measure, taken away from us? Let us set before ourselves the serious importance of this conflict. As far as each minister is concerned, everything depends on whether or not he is a man of prayer—one who in the inner room is clothed each day with power from on high.” (emphasis added)

Whether you are a pastor or not, this book is a true eye-opener to the value of prayer in every Christian’s life.

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